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Software Outsourcing

  • Software Technology Outsourcing services at UNB Solutions are aimed at providing cost effective IT solutions to USA & European companies which are looking to outsource the development to India because of its advantages in terms of high skill set manpower availability with time difference working towards our favour.


  • India has a highly qualified and English speaking workforce of computer professionals who have played a significant role in the success of IT outsourcing to India.
  • The Cost Savings fall as a complimentary benefit with the performance of our development teams. This is due to the considerable labor cost advantage in favor of the companies located in India.


  • Also our software development team stretched out in various geographical locations take pride in the latest technology and its highly talented and spirited IT professionals. Our offshore development centers provide these services at a cost-effective rate to all the high-tech firms and our exclusive software development models offer cost saving up to 50%-60%.
  • We develop competent solutions in the fields of Web Application Development, offshore website development, Customized Application development, mobile software programming and application integration spanning a range of industries including financial services, ecommerce, healthcare and media. We provide high quality work that complies with international standards.


  • Remarkably short offshore software development phase
  • UNB Solutions development centres also offer a short development cycle because of an average of "a nine-and- a-half hour difference between Western countries and India". As a result, offshore software development in India proves to be very beneficial.


  • Due to the time difference we are able to work more hours on your projects in a day by combining the activities at our headquarters in London and our offshore outsourcing facilities.